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Saturday, January 1, 2011

I went to bed last night at 1 a.m. on 1-1-11. We get a second chance for 1-1-11 @ 1 this afternoon.

The advice from my friend Bob keeps ringing in my ears as we ring in the new year: "Stay willing and keep making contacts. When you are right and the time is right, Providence will provide." 

Seems like the time may be right, finally. I can only hope that I'm right now, too, to take advantage of the good things that are happening:

Yesterday I was invited to present on your new, free Small Business Chamber of Commerce at Denver/Boulder New Tech.

This week's Denver Business Journal quotes me in their "Big Ideas" article: "I’d like to see every DPS high school made available as a community center each weekend. How this would be done could vary from school to school, worked out by the principal with input from surrounding neighborhood associations and various business groups." — John Wren founded the Small Business Chamber of Commerce"

Ken Wyble with the South Metro Chamber is working with Richard Oppenheim to launch a South Denver IDEA Cafe January 14.

And finally, the new Franklin Circle Alpha Group is scheduled to start January 13. This will be the last Franklin Circle I ever personally organize and faciliate, let me know if you'd like an invitation to the information session we are having January 6.

Happy new year! Let's get started!


John S. Wren, MBA+
Founder, your new, free Small Business Chamber of Commerce    (303)861-1447