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Friday, April 27, 2012

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

 This media release just went out from about our joint effort: begins effort with Small Business Chamber of Commerce to help launch more startups.

DENVER, April 5, 2012 – Business owners who buy a marketing page in the business directory ( for their own business by July 1 will be able to designate a local chamber of commerce, trade association, club, or local newspaper to receive a similar page for free.

The Small Business Chamber also will give the designated organizations help to launch low cost/no cost IDEA Cafe Startup Workshops and Franklin Circles with their members.

Announcing the new effort, co-founder Robert Schwab said, “Now that SB 143, which would have duplicated our efforts with tax dollars, is behind us, we plan to reach out aggressively to businesses throughout the state to offer them the opportunity to participate.” The outreach will include contacting every chamber of commerce in Colorado to solicit their assistance with the project.

When launched last month, John Brackney, president and CEO of the South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce, said: “I applaud the founders of for their ambitious effort to provide a much-needed resource for businesses statewide. And I especially like the fact that they plan to work with the state’s local chambers of commerce.” is an almanac and business directory serving the Colorado business community as a meeting place, information source and marketing tool. The almanac will provide the latest market information about industries operating in the state and put the information in historical context to give businesses a real-time perspective on the growth or decline of the markets where they do business. The directory will serve as a real-time measure of market participants and a source for finding customers, partners, investors and suppliers.

In addition to free listings available to any business in Colorado, the directory will include paid listings that offer businesses an opportunity to offer more information about themselves. Go to to sign up for a free listing or obtain information about the paid listings. was founded by three men with strong ties to Colorado’s small-business community and a long history of helping small business succeed and grow -- John S. Wren, Robert Schwab and Scott Rodgers.

Wren founded the Small Business Chamber of Commerce in 2011 and since 1994 has organized and facilitated IDEA Cafes and Franklin Circle Peer Advisory Groups that help  people starting new careers, new projects or new businesses.

Schwab was editor of ColoradoBiz magazine for seven years and is a former small-business columnist and deputy business editor of The Denver Post. He was named Region VIII Small Business Advocate of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration in 1998. He writes a blog on small business, politics and other issues.

Rodgers is a digital marketing engineer who has enabled organizations to take advantage of the web to engage their audiences and meet business objectives since 2001.  He has managed over 120 websites owned by radio, television and newspaper properties and was at the center of building a $4 million digital media business.

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