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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Join for free now, be on the Startup Show next Friday.

1.  Today it is free to join our Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc. We cooperate with local chambers and others to give more real help to startups and small businesses.

2.  Those who join this week may be selected to be a guest on the Startup Show next Friday.

To join just post an introduction of yourself and/or your business as a status update on our SBCC Facebook Page (link below), then Like the page, Share the page, and post another status update saying why you decided to join.

Right now, while it's on your mind check  it out:

Life's short, start now!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Big change to be announced next Thursday!

(This is being delayed for at least a week as John Wren focuses most of his efforts right now on starting Save the Caucus. For more about it see Colorado Caucus News Questions? Call John at (303)861-1447.)

We are going to focus on hyper-local neighborhood groups to help restore the dynamism and vitalism that until recently were the hallmarks of the US economy.

The neighborhood efforts will go under the umbrella of Caucus & Commerce Clubs.

To help people who want to start a new Caucus and Commerce Club in their neighborhood and others who are starting in a new direction with their work, a 90-minute meeting built on the foundation of our IDEA Cafe Startup Workshop will be held frequently, both online and face to face. First one is tomorrow, Saturday, February 13.

These startup meetings are free and open to everyone (contributions gratefully accepted, but please no more than $20.) We will also ask members to pay a very small contribution via, but there is a 180 day trial period, even for those who have been with us in the past.

RSVP "No" and you'll be invited to future session around Colorado and online. For more about tomorrows meeting see or call John Wren at (303)861-1447

Watch for announcement to the media next Thursday.