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Monday, January 17, 2011

SBCC Weekly Membership Report

Thanks to the magic of technology, we've started a new, free daily newsletter focused on small business and startup. It's called Small Business Chamber Daily News  (For  a free subscription, click on this link.)

The new South Denver IDEA Cafe is off to a great start. The first meeting was held last Friday, January 14, and the next meeting will be the 2nd Friday in February, when the group will make a decision about whether to meet once a month or once a week. Thanks to Ken Wyble with the South Metro Chamber and Richard Oppenheim for getting this off the ground. To get an invitation become a member of either (1) the SBCC Denver Facebook group (when we get 1000 members we will hold our 1st monthly "Big Event", free to exhibitors and free to those who attend) or (2) the SBCC Denver IDEA Cafe Meetup.

The Small Business Chamber's Community Room College is holding 50-minute chalk talks on how to start or join a CEO/entrepreneur/creative manager peer advisory group. For more information see

There are still a couple of seats open in the new Franklin Circle Alpha Group that is now forming. This will be the last peer advisory group personally organized and led by the founder of the Small Business of Commerce, John Wren. For more information contact him at (303)861-1447 or

Life's short, let's get started!