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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Happy Ben Franklin's Birthday! American Hero!

Many people think Franklin was US President, he would have easily been elected even though very much too old by the time Washington took office. So he doesn't get recognized on President's Day.

I'd like to see his birthday (today, born January 17, 1706) and Martin Luther King's birthday combined into a two day celebration if America's Hero's,  with 4 new members elected by registered voters at each general election.

Every major sport has a hall of fame, celebrities and entertainers have all kinds of ways to be recognized, but what about the citizen like Franklin who never was President but made every other President possible, likely we would not have a country today if not for him.

Watch for more about this in the next few days. We will discuss Friday as part of our LoDo Denver IDEA Cafe Startup Workshop. Join us!

John Wren