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Monday, June 20, 2011

In today's Denver Post:

Denver IDEA Cafe Startup Workshop, a free weekly meeting for aspiring
entrepreneurs and others looking at a career change. This week's workshop
will feature Karl Dakin speaking on the topic, "My startup experience and how
I found my new job with Regis University as executive director of the John J.
Sullivan Endowed Chair for Free Enterprise." To be held at Panera Bread,
1330 Grant St., Denver. More info:

For optional RSVP go to our Denver Small Business Chamber Facebook Group
or click on the link to the right for our site. Of course, no RSVP is
every required, but it does help us plan.

This should be a very interesting meeting, hope you can join us if you are starting
in a new direction, and please email a link to this site to your friends who have
recently lost a job, had a bright idea, or for any other reason might find it helpful.