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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Denver Post reports today (click here) on a new Colorado governement effort to boost startups.

Here's the comment I just posted:

If formal planning and market research worked as well as the Small Business Administration, SCORE, SBDCs, and the academics their money and power have influenced think, we'd have a planned economy, not a market economy.

The big problem is that we have set up government programs to snuff out the entreprenurial spirit in America.

Local chambers of commerce, trade associations, and other ways business owners and entrepreneurs gather can do a lot of good. But the SBA/SCORE/SBDC cancer should be cut out, in my opinion.

Maybe a group like this can take a step back and see this very real problem.

John S. Wren, MBA+
Founder, Small Business Chamber of Commerce
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(MBA is a warning. The + means I'm a recovering MBA, that much of what I learned in graduate business school I've had to overcome to be truely helpful to people who what to start something new. Does that mean I have all the answers? No, just the opposite. Again, it's a warning in the interest of full disclosure and transparency.)