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Friday, October 1, 2010

University of Denver Alumni Weekend

I'll be attending classes this afternoon and tomorrow at the University of Denver as part of their alumni weekend. I'll post what I learn here for you here the next couple of mornings. Tonight the speaker at our dinner is the editorial page editor of the New York Times. It doesn't sound like Archbishop Chaput will be attending. :)

If you're at the dinner tonight look for me and let's sit together, OK?

My friend, entrepreneur Mary Clement will be filling in for me at the Denver IDEA Cafe this afternoon, and she has a couple of great speakers. RSVP if you haven't already at

Yesterday I went to Splashmedia's CEO Bootcamp on Social Media. As a result I'll be posting things like this to my blog here and at much more and you'll see a bit less of me on Facebook. I will also be creating a new website for the Small Business Chamber of Commerce where I will post a video each week.

I'm looking at a couple of options now for creating the weekly video. If nothing else, I'll post episodes of my old show, "John Wren's TV Journal," does anyone remember watching it on Channel 53? It was on each week for about 6 months, when it became "John Wren's Radio Journal" which ran for a couple of years on various stations. Does anyone remember either show?

Finally, I just received a copy of the printer's manuscript of the AA "Big Book." Lots of interesting editing marks that show the thinking of the group clarifying as the book went to print. The biggest change was adding "We" to the first step, and changing the subject from "you" to "we" for much of the rest of the book.

If any of this creates any thought you'd like to share with me, please post it as a comment here or share with me on Facebook if you'd rather, I'm there at One of the big emphasises at the social media boot camp yesterday was to have a conversation rather that a monolog performance, and I can't do that without your help!

I'll be back with news and ideas from the University of Denver tomorrow morning, will you join us?