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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Posted today on Craig's List:

10/29: Starting a new career? (Capitol Hill)

The Denver IDEA Cafe Meetup Group

Starting down a new path with a new project or campaign, a new career or new business? Want to get more involved with grassroots as an entrepreneur or newly-active citizen, or to share your experience with newcomers?

Then join us!

Each week we invite people to share their career, business, and political startup experience and we brainstorm.
Since 1994 we've heard from people such as: Dan Brogan, 5280 Magaz...
The Denver IDEA Cafe Startup Workshop
Friday, October 29, 2010 at 2:00PM
Speaker this week: Professional photographer and University of Denver photography instructor Roddy MacInnes,

What is the Denver IDEA Cafe?
Since 1994, we help people turn their inspiration into effective action.
Anyone who is starting a new project, a new business, a new career or a new career is invited to join us. How do we help? We share startup experience and we do brainstorming.
We also give you information about how to start or join a Franklin Circle peer advisory group, see
If we are successful, you will be too busy to come back to the Denver IDEA Cafe next week!
An RSVP is NOT required, but it's helpful if you do RSVP for a couple of reasons: 1) It reserves your seat; and 2) You'll get a reminder each week you can forward to friends, family, and business associates who you think might find the meeting helpful.
The first 9 to RSVP each week are guaranteed a seat until the start of the ...
See the full event details, including location, at
Check out what members are saying about The Denver IDEA Cafe Meetup Group:
"Great format, small group works best for this. I encourage everyone to try this group if you want some help getting started." - Anthony Sanchez, /MarketingClub
"Good place to foster ideas" - Joseph Alaniz
"The Group was warm,friendly,as well as caring. If you are looking for a group of people that will not only provide excellent business wisdom,and doing while genuinely caring...then this is the place for you!" - Dale Henderson
"We all think we can't take a couple of hours to get and share ideas. If you don't do that the business world will pass you by. This is a refreshing look at new ideas and new energy around start ups." - John Gies
"There is no reason in the world why any of us has to go it alone. The support is completely non-judgmental and I guarantee you will walk away with many many ideas. It's up to you to do the rest." - Melissa Bennett