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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yesterday the Denver Daily News, today the Denver Post!

My telephone was ringing yesterday after the Denver Daily News (if you missed it yesterday's paper, check it out here a couple of items below) had a very nice writeup about our new, free Small Busines Chamber of Commerce. The impact on membership was moderated by Facebook's decision to put up a warning message, because we are growing so fast, a reasonable precaution to prevent spam, I suppose.

If you don't like the warning, please help by objecting to Facebook and letting them know our rapid growth doesn't mean we are spammers. I will never send non-members anything via the Internet except my one invitation to join the group, hope you'll do the same.

Another problem today: the Denver Post's Online edition has a broken URL, it's clickable but doesn't go to our site. I just tried to call the newsroom to get it corrected  but no one answered the phone.

Finally, to help people, including myself :), understand why we have a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group, I just posted this on our Information Page for the Page:

If you "like" this page, you'll love our Facebook Group!

This Facebook Page has a unique URL that we use in media releases,

If you click "like" on this Page, it means just that, you like what we are doing, but you are not in the wheel barrow.

To be a member, free and open to everyone, now join our Facebook Small Businesss Chamber of Commerce GROUP. When we get 1000 members (we already have over 300 after just a few days) we will hold our first face-to-face 2nd Saturday Big Event here in Denver and then start trying to find leaders for similar events in other cities.

To get an invitation to our first face-to-face 2nd Saturday Big Event, join our Facebook Group.  Then invite a few of your friends on Facebook who might like what we are doing to join us, too. They will thank you, and so will we if you'll post what you've done on our wall, along with anyother ideas about what we can do to get to 1000 members as quickly as possible.


One of the things I learned as the founder of the Rocky Mountain Direct Marketing Association is that reader involvement is the key to getting a good response in direct mail. Seems to me the same principle applies here online, although it is a violation of the KISS principle, Keep it Short and Simple.

Thank you for being involved. Please post your comment here or on our Facebook Page or Group if you have a thought about any of this you'd like to share with our group on any of this.

Now let's go get started!