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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Neighborhood Caucus Club YES or NO?

SBCC Startup Method: Recover-Imagine-Think-Ed; to Start-Grow-Flourish.

Free to join, you are a member when you join us by introducing yourself to us on our Facebook Page and/or our Meetup Page, then LIKE and SHARE with your friends. 

Our Facebook Page: Http:// 

Our Meetup Page (Denver now, soon in your city if you become a Neighborhood ambassador for SBCC Startup Method) 

Virtual now, soon Hyper-local bricks and mortar with a home-office, monthly newsletter and alarm clock party, and annual civic education class for newcomers in every neighborhood.

Recruiting neighborhood ambassadors, to be eligible include your state, county and telephone number in your introduction, then expect a telephone call to invite you to a free lunch or dinner where the details will be explained. 

When we call be ready to answer this question, we will simply say "Neighborhood Caucus Club, yes or no?" If you say anything other than YES we will hang up and not bother you again. If you have any questions call John Wren now (303)861-1447