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Monday, January 18, 2016

An announcement in celebration of MLK.

Today I'm making an annoncement about a chage I'm suggesting we make on the way we celebrate Martin Luther King Day given the pantheon of American Heros who devoted there lives to give us our freedom, starting with Benjamin Franklin who's birthday yesterday and every January 17 is celebrated more by the breach than the observance as Shakespeare put it about another hero long, long ago. 

I've also decided to make this announcement about the SBCC and the Startup Show: 

Today 1st Monday of daily version of the Startup Show, changing the time of the half hour show to 12:15 pm Mountain. 

The focus will be on the Good News for tomorrow, the Good News in work, family, neighborhoods, communities, and nations.

I believe there is hope for Good News tomorrow because of the research I've been inspired to do over the last 20+ years that has resulted in the discovery of what I'm now calling the SBCC Spiritual Startup Method's 4 Practices: Faith, Imagination, Thinking, and Life-long Learning. 

Today on the Startup Show-the practice of Imagination. 

We'll also talk about this at Root & Branch discussion meeting this afternoon, open to anyone who is interested in a spiritual way of living. 

For more about the show and the meeting see 

Next week we will begin having guests on the Startup Show each day. 

If you'd like to be on the show to share your startup experience, or if you have a suggestion for who we should invite, call me on the Startup Line, (303)861-1447.