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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

 New! We will have online IDEA Cafe Startup Workshops starting next Monday (Oct 8). We will hold a meeting each Monday afternoon from 2 to 3:30 p.m. and we may schedule them at other times if there is enough interest. Join us next Monday for our "test" meeting and help us get started! More information and RSVP for the online meeting and other upcoming face-to-face meetings at:

I've just participated in the Capstone meeting, the 9th session for the Just Start Online Class. At least read the book Just Start, if you are really serious about heading in a new direction with your work life. And I highly recommend the online class. Another class starts October 10, see 

Changes have been made in the way we are doing IDEA Cafe Startup Workshops because of my participation in the Just Start Online Class (see above.) We are going to try the changes a time or two more, and then announce the "new" IDEA Cafe Startup Workshop. For a preview, attend a meeting soon! (See link at top of this post.)

Franklin Circles are closed, confidential peer advisory groups based on what Ben Franklin did with his friends each Friday evening starting in the fall of 1727, and also what we've learned here in Colorado since starting the first Franklin Circle in Denver in 1994.  For help starting a group on your own with friends, just Google "How to Start a Franklin Circle" and you'll see the link to the site that we set up to share information. A new group is forming in Denver, if you'd like information about it, contact John Wren at (303)861-1447 or

We are trying to make our Small Business Facebook Page a dynamic, useful dialog that you can go to whenever you have something to share about your business or doing business. You can help us make it a better resource for you by going there and posting from time to time. Thanks!

If you and I aren't Facebook friends yet, I hope you'll invite me.