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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Your Small Business Chamber of Commerce is Co-hosting the 2nd annual Colorado Capital Congress with Sullivan Chair of Regis University, a forum on July 30th (click), and the 2nd Annual Meeting on August 7 (click)

In the July 30 forum, Colorado Limited Registration Offerings will be the main topic.

We will review how businesses can obtain exemptions from limits on non-accredited investors/lenders for local (backyard) investment opportunities.  This initiative is currently advancing with the help of the Colorado Division of Securities on the subject of Limited Registration. Further, an educational program will be presented featuring our key note speaker, Dave Anderson- Congressional Candidate for the 5th Congressional District. David Anderson is a business development and turnaround specialist with more than 30 years of success leading organizations through transitions — with experience in all phases of enterprise formation and development.

You can join us at Regis University, Main campus or follow the proceedings of this session live at:  PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH ANY OF YOUR FRIENDS WHO MIGHT LIKE TO ATTEND THIS VERY WORTHWHILE FREE EVENT!