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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Since 1994, the purpose of the Denver IDEA Café Startup Workshop has been to help turn inspiration into effective action, to help us each get started our self as we help others who are starting new careers, projects, campaigns, or new businesses. We do this by sharing startup experience and brainstorming. We say that if the meetings are successful, you’ll very quickly be too busy to attend, but we do hope you’ll rejoin us from time to time at our monthly “alumni” meetings we hold on the First Friday of each month.

We take our name from a four-step creativity model, IDEA. I in IDEA stands for Inspiration, the Aha! moment or the I stands for Identify the Problem. D in IDEA stands for Develop Alternatives, that’s what we do today by sharing startup experience and brainstorming. It’s up to you to E- Evaluate and A- Take Action! To create means “to bring something new into being.” You aren’t being creative unless you Take Action.

We are now part of the Small Business Chamber of Commerce, which cooperates with local chambers of commerce across Colorado and beyond to provide IDEA Café Startup Workshops and Franklin Circles to their members. If you’d like to be part of the leadership group and take a turn leading this meeting, or if you’d like help starting a new meeting like this, see the chairperson right after any meeting, on contact John Wren at (303)861-1447 or For more, see our meetup site at or the link to the local Facebook groups (right now Denver and South Denver) listed in the right column of this page.