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Friday, September 2, 2011

Dennis Krieger
Dave Westfall

 At the Denver IDEA Cafe Startup Workshop Friday, September 9: Entrepreneurs Dennis Krieger (photo to left), founder of Zingers and Dave Westfall (photo to right) speaking on the topic, "My startup experience." Join us to get help as you get started, to help yourself as you help others when you share your startup experience, to brainstorm, and to exchange information about upcoming events and other resources.

What is the IDEA Cafe?

Since 1994, we help people people who are starting a new career, a new project or campaign, or a new business. How do we help? Those who attend (including you, we've all started something) share startup experience, we brainstorm, and we share information.

“ What a great concept, and it created a lovely opportunity to meet with other people in the community. Starting a business can be a lonely venture; I'd definitely recommend this to anyone looking to break that cycle. ” Megan Tackett on May 7, 2011.

“ This was a good experience for me. I enjoyed the people and the brainstorming. Since we all face challenges of some type, I would heartily recommend it to anyone involved in a startup activitiy. Jack Rouff on Apr 30, 2011.

“ Great format, small group works best for this. I encourage everyone to try this group if you want some help getting started. ” Anthony Sanchez, Marketing Club on Sep 25, 2010.

Meetings are free and open to everyone, we just ask that you bring your brain for the brainstorming!

Who should attend?

Anyone who is starting a new direction, starting a new career, new project or campaign, or starting a new business is invited to join us for the Denver IDEA Cafe, and we especially encourage members of local chambers who are interested in helping them provide more help to startups.

Join us any Friday when you are headed in a new direction with your work and need a boost at the end of a long week, or when you are willing to share your startup experience.

The first 12 to RSVP here on each week are guaranteed a seat at the brainstorming table until the start of the meeting at 2 p.m., others are welcome to attend and either take the seat of a no-show or to sit in the peanut gallery to listen to the speakers and observe the brainstorming.

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