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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Who is #1 on your list?

If you pray, please make President Trump #1 on your prayer list. Pray that he be open to the God he talked about during the campaign and from time to time now and that he meet with Pope Francis or another Jesuit who is trained in discernment, and that all of us, not just Catholics, not just Christians make discernment of what we can do as neighbors and citizens our priority during this Lenten season starting right now. We can all do better!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Start Now! SBCC Socratic Startup Method.: Business in One Lesson.

Start Now! SBCC Socratic Startup Method.: Business in One Lesson.: What is the lesson? Fred Beisser:   Pilot ejecting from a U.S. Air Force Thunderbird Flying Team F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft at Mo... What do you think?

Practice careful thinking, listening, and speaking skills. Free.

Socrates Cafe, join us here in Denver tonight  (Tue, 2/21), 7 p.m.  at Trinity Church in downtown Denver, Friday at 6 p.m. in LoDo, or Saturday at University of Denver. Complete details and optional rsvp if you'd like us to save you a seat on or call (303)861-1447 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Marketing lessons from 1st 25 leads:

We just found this on Linked In, very much worth taking the time to read. Then tell us here as a comment or at an IDEA Cafe Startup Workshop: What do you think of it?

Life is too short for any of us to only learn from our own experience!

New! IDEA Cafe Startup Weekend

Join us March 10, for more see  Interested? Call John Wren (303)861-1447

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Starting in a new direction with your work?

SBCC Startup Method: Recover, Imagine, Think, and Learn to Start, Grow, and Flourish. Upcoming meetings:

This evening, Feb. 14, 7 p.m. Socrates Cafe @ Trinity Methodist Church, for more see

Friday, Feb. 17, 2 p.m. Denver LoDo IDEA Cafe Startup Workshop, Panera, 16th & Market, for more see 

Saturday, Feb. 18, 6:30 p.m. Socrates Cafe @ University of Denver, for more see either of the two above Meetup sites.

It's a meeting 24/7 on our Facebook Page,

Starting a new project, a new career, or a new business? Read "Daring Mighty Things" by our founder John Wren on Amazon, then call us if you want to talk with a volunteer. Call 24/7 (303)861-1447, leave a complete, confidential message, we will get back to you the next day.

Do you agree? Disagree?

What do you think? ‪This was just posted on our Twitter/IDEACafeTrue Believers #resist without HP, are haters or huggers. SBCC: Recover*Imagine*Think*Learn to *Start*Grow*Flourish. Tell us what you think here as a comment or on our Facebook Page and let us know you have commented via your message on  ‬

Saturday, February 11, 2017

On Demand Startup Conversation

Looking for a good conversation about startup? You can get the ball rolling by posting your comment or question 24/7 on our Facebook Page, check it out:

Friday, February 10, 2017

Photo: Fr. Vince Hovley, SJ, Sacred Heart Jesuit Retreat House, Sedalia, Colorado.

New? Yes, New IDEA Cafe Startup Workshop.

We will be changing the format of our LoDo Denver IDEA Cafe Startup Workshop each Friday in February until we get it right! :-)  Also, we've changed the meeting time from 4:30 to 2 p.m.

Why the change? We are creating a meeting that turns every weekend into a startup weekend. Or possibly every month into a startup month. Or every year into a startup year. One of the things that we will try to decide during our Friday LoDo Denver IDEA Cafe Startup Workshops in February and conversation with members and others between meetings.

Join us this afternoon, Friday, February 10, or next Friday to help us make the changes in the IDEA Cafe format, and to brainstorm any problem or opportunity concerning your startup in a new career, new project or campaign, or new business.

RSVP and we will save a seat for you. But of course as always walk-ins are always welcome. For more info and to rsvp for this week or next see

Watch for the new meetings we will be starting around metro-Denver and Colorado and possibly beyond with our new format. If you have any suggestions for it but can't make a meeting please call John Wren at (303)861-1447