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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

2-12-14 "How to start a new group." SBCC Meetup

What do you think? Practices of Imagine, Think, Learn to; Start, Grow, and Flourish. +AMDG+: About SBA and SCORE Practices of Imagine, Think, Learn to; Start, Grow, and Flourish. +AMDG+: About SBA and SCORE: Why the SBA and It’s SCORE Program Should Be Renamed. by John S. Wren, MBA+ I’ve been interested in how businesses really start, especial...

Monday, April 24, 2017

Toxic groups topic at Socrates Cafe

Read The Circle, see the movie, then offer as topic at your Socrates Cafe  What is a toxic group?

Find real experts on small groups.

YouTube has a powerful search engine, I'm told it's more powerful than Google. 

Search here on YouTube for "John Wren Start A Group" you'll see several short videos I've put up  (and others from real experts I keep learning from) over the years on today's Twitter Chat topic "How to start a new small Group" Join us live at 10 a.m. MDT any weekday or lurk and/or post anytime on Twitter @IDEACafeChat for more.

Have you started a small group in your neighborhood, at home or at your office or school? Please share your startup experience with the group you started now or anytime and use both hashtags #IDEACafeChat #HowToStartaGroup to be part of the discussion, it's live for 15-minutes each weekday morning, check it out on Twitter @IDEACafeChat 

John S Wren
Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc
Call toll free (855)854-2554 

How to start a small group

What do you think?

Friday, April 21, 2017

Startup Show

What do you think?
I just sent this email out to a few of my friends here in the metro-Denver area. If I overlooked you, I'm very sorry. Please rsvp for one of the upcoming Socrates Cafes here in metro-Denver if you'd like to be part of our new "Million Neighborhood Socrates Cafes" project. Here's the email:No, this is not a list.  You are each friends of mine who I sincerely think would be interested in what we are trying to do.

I just clicked on each of your names, you won't receive an invitation like this from me again. 

Join us tomorrow? (Saturday, 4/22) Or at another Socrates Cafe next Tuesday?
 RSVP yes or no to either tomorrow or next Tueday to get invitations in the future for Socrates Cafe here in metro-Denver. 

New groups are forming. The hope is to have a million healthy neighborhood groups across the country so there is a more informed electorate (thinkers, not just ideologs) by 2020.

Please rsvp yes or no yourself, right after you share this email with others you know who might be interested in what we are trying to do.

Questions? Call me! We can just talk on the phone, or I'll take you to lunch. Call my cell (720)495-4949  One way or the other, I hope to talk with you soon.

John Wren 
"Million Neighborhood Socrates Cafe Project."
Call toll free (855)854-2554

PLEASE forward this along to anyone in metro-Denver, Colorado, or the USA who you think might be interested in joining us in this effort.

We'll be talking about it this afternoon at the WeWork IDEA Cafe