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How we can help you make a Good Living.

A personal message to you from founder John Wren.

Help for you to make a Good Living!

What's a Good Living? Work that delights your customers, brings you and those working with you a good income, an opportunity to learn and grow, and enough free time.

For nearly 2 decades I've been working to help strengthen to voice of the grassroots, the voice of the common person, in business and politics.

I can work with you directly, but of far more interest to me for these last 20 years has been finding a way for small business owners, active and retired, to help young people who are interested in following a similar path.

Here's where we are now with that effort, the primary ways your Small Business Chamber of Commerce can help you now:

IDEA Startup Cafes

IDEA Startup Cafés have been held here in Denver for nearly 20 years. 5280 Magazine has said they have “infused Denver with an entrepreneurial spirt.” Speakers are invited to share their startup experience and we brainstorm. One of the primary reasons for the creation of your Small Business Chamber is to develop ways to help local chambers of commerce and other groups to offer IDEA Cafés each Friday afternoon across Colorado and perhaps beyond.

New! Online IDEA Cafe Startup Workshop

 How to start (any) group (click) is held on line each Tuesday afternoon. It's intended to help anyone who is starting any new group, and to also help you understand more about your Small Business Chamber and how we can help you start a group, career, project or campaign, or new business. We share startup experience and brainstorm.  Be on the "show" if you are one of the first to RSVP each week. 2:30 to 3 p.m. Mountain each Tuesday or by special arrangement with your local chamber or other group at another time..

New! IDEA Startup Salons

What we are now calling IDEA Startup Salons (click) are based on the group Ben Franklin started in 1727. We encourage everyone to form a group with their neighbors and friends.

As a wise friend told me, “stay willing, keep making contacts. When you are right and the time is right, Providence will provide.” That advice has served me well over the last 20 years as I’ve brought your Small Business Chamber to this point, and I know it will help you too as you create a group of companions.

In life, sometimes we need help to get back on our feet after a setback. There is lots of help available through religious groups, medical resources, 12-step and other self help groups. But just getting back on our feet is not enough. Recovery without works is dead!

When I played football, we were taught to hit, recover, and then hit again. To recover and not hit again was worthless, we might as well have just stayed down until the whistle blew.

It's like that in life. Yes, when you get knocked down, get back up. But that's not enough. Recovery with out work is dead! Getting together with your Franklin Circle can help you do just that. Click the link at the top of this section and get on started your self, or contact us if you'd like help finding one that's forming now.

Annual Ben Franklin Birthday Party

January 17 Annual Meeting and Ben Franklin Birthday Celebration. What we do will depend on how much money we can raise for renting a meeting place, bringing in speakers, etc.

If you let us know you are coming now, it’s free, no contribution is required, but if you'd like to volunteer to help with it.

By no later than our Annual Meeting January 17, 2015 we intend to finally have formed a board of directors who will have adopted by-laws. If you’d be willing to serve on the board and/or to do pro bono work to help us get this started, please give us a call.

Our mission is your success!

What do we intend to accomplish with all this? With your help as you start and grow your successful business, we intend to preserve and strengthen the grassroots in business and politics, the voice of the common person.

If you want a fresh start in your work, or if you are a consultant, accountant, lawyer or other professional who works with people who want a fresh start, we hope you’ll join us.

To join, just "Like" and "Share" our Facebook Page (click here), then let us know you've done so when you post a short introduction (one sentence is best) and link to your URL on our Facebook Page, then visit from time to time to comment on what others have posted and to share news about you and your business and links to online resources you've found helpful.

If you have any questions, or if you’d like to volunteer or contribute to what we are doing, please give me a call or post your question here if it is something everyone might want to know.

Life is short, but it’s only too late if we don’t start now!

How may we be of service to you? How would you be willing to be of service as we continue in this effort to strengthen the voice of the grassroots, the common person, in business and politics? Call me!


John S. Wren, MBA+
Founder and temporary CEO, Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc.
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(303)861-1447 or

Why have I been working on this for nearly 20 years?

 I want my grandkids to have the same opportunity that my dad did. I’ll be writing about his on my personal blog starting soon. If you’re interested, check out

To understand more about my motivation to do this you might want to attend another group I started. You don’t have to be Catholic or even just Christian to come and share your recent experience with your higher power at our weekly Jesuit Guide Sharing Group, and if you like it you might want to start one yourself. This is outside our Small Business Chamber and participation in no way is necessary for what we do to be helpful, much as Richard Bolles handles the issue of his faith in his book What Color is Your Parachute.)

Another group I enjoy is Denver Socrates Cafe, join us if you enjoy good conversation and discussion about life's larger topics.

Thanks to Marilynn Force and Karl Dakin at Regis University for their encouragement in this at a critical time for the project, and thanks especially to St. Ignatius of Loyola, who Marilynn calls the world’s first economic developer! For more about the Ignatian pedagogy of decision making and startup, I highly recommend the very readable and enjoyable New York Times best selling book, James Martin’s Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Anything.